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Secret of Polio Vaccination Programme In Brazil(2023)

I n the ongoing quest to fight and eventually root out polio in Brazil, it's essential to understand the complexities of this battle and the measures in place to achieve this goal. This article will go deep into the various issues of polio control in Brazil, shedding light on the significant strides made and the road ahead. The Polio Challenge   Polio: A Global Menace   Polio, whose short form is poliomyelitis, is a highly infectious viral disease caused by the poliovirus. It primarily affects children under the age of five, leading to paralysis in severe cases. For decades, polio has been a global crisis, affecting millions of lives worldwide.   Secret of Polio Vaccination Programme In Brazil(2023) The Brazilian Scenario   In Brazil, for long time the fight against polio is a top priority. The country has made magnificient advancements to control the spread of the virus and increasing vaccination coverage. However, challenges persist in some regions, demanding vig